Unfortunately I having to support this on Solaris 10. The SunOS5.1.xxx you
are seeing is the echo back from pkgutil.

One of the caveats I should have stated is I am forced to download and
stream the packages in efforts of doing  transform the will create a

Just doing a basic pkgadd does work as the other user replied.


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>On Fri, Oct 14, 2016 at 3:31 PM, Johnson, Freemon
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>> Hello,
>> No matter which version of gcc core or g++ core I use to transform and
>> generate packages dependencies using the following:
>> I always receive the error Could not transform libgcj15.4.9.2,
>> REV-2014.11.07-SunOS5.1-i386.CSW.pkg.gz: No such file or directory
>Just to make sure, SunOS5.1 seems pretty old ;) , it's not just a typo
>on your side?

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