On 20 May 2020 at 9:33, Jan Holzhueter via users wrote:

> My Solaris 10 and ipv6 static config skills are not existing :)
> So I gave up on getting the interface running.
> If anyone is has time and remebers this stuff be my guest.

This might depend on the Solaris 10 update you are running but if you want to 
disable IPv6 
you might try the following.

Check if you have an IPv6 configuration:
  # ifconfig -a | grep inet6

If you have a server running and you want to disable the IPv6 DNS resolution:
  # svccfg -s svc:network/dns/server:default setprop options/ip_interfaces=IPv4
    (see /var/svc/manifest/network/dns/server.xml)
  # svcadm refresh svc:network/dns/server:default
  # svcadm restart dns/server

To remove the IPv6 on a network interface:
  # ifconfig [iface] inet6 down
  # ifconfig [iface] inet6 unplumb
  # rm /etc/hostname6.[iface]           # for persistency

You might want to stop in.ndpd if you don't have IPv6 anymore:
  # svcadm disable routing/ndp

If your server is a router there might be some more steps...


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