Hi folks,

we at Netways implemented a compute resource functionality for the foreman 
project. It can be used to deploy virtual machines within OpenNebula using the 
foreman interface which configures DNS,DHCP,PXE,Puppet and so on as well. The 
functionality is covered by using and extending the ruby fog library. The pull 
requests can be found on github:


a quick demo can be found here:

The idea is to create a blank (empty image) VM via Foreman in OpenNebula, which 
then will be fully deployed from scratch. Installation will be done with a 
PXE-Boot and Kickstart/Preseed installation. Additional software on top like 
Apache and stuff like that will be installed and configured with puppet. 
Everything can be chosen via the foreman interface which interacts with all 
infrastructure elements. Also it would be possible to use contextualized 
prepared images, but we did not implemented it yet.

We are using this feature for some days right now in production and it is 
really cool. It definitely will and should not replace the sunstone interface, 
its just a interaction via the RPC API of OpenNebula.

Please let me know what you guys think of this approach. Every feedback is very 
welcome and contribution or help for getting it pushed to the master branch of 
the projects (foreman, fog) is of course appreciated.



Sebastian Saemann
Senior Systems Engineer

NETWAYS Managed Services GmbH | Deutschherrnstr. 15-19 | D-90429 Nuernberg
Tel: +49 911 92885-0 | Fax: +49 911 92885-77
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