This trick does work to start the particular VM in question
in this particular use case of shared repo and cloning.

I think we didn't make this change in our ONE3.2 installation because
we had other reasons why we needed the qemu user to run KVM
in other transfer mode situations.  Will have to look at all the
other use cases we have to make sure we don't break anything else.

Steve Timm

On Tue, 30 Dec 2014, Daniel Dehennin wrote:

Steven C Timm <> writes:

[root@cloudworker1359 libvirt]# grep -v ^# qemu.conf | grep .

dynamic_ownership = 0

You must set “user” and “group” to “oneadmin” like described in the

This way the qemu process run as oneadmin and has write access to the images.



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