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> Good morning,
> I'd like to create a back-up copy of a VM and move it to another zone, so
> that if there is any problem I could restore the VM to a previous state.
> I found that in ONE 4.6 you can create a VM or a disk snapshot, and I saw
> that related snapshot files remain associated with the VM, in its own zone.
> What I'd like to do is to move those files to another zone (for example
> the disk snapshot image) or at least move them to another machine, to avoid
> those files to be in the same machine which has been used to deploy the
> zone.
> Is there any way to do that? what are the files associated with the
> snapshots?
> Thank you very much for your help.
> Best regards

I think you could use a live disk snapshot [1] for that. OpenNebula will
create a new Image in the same datastore as the original Image, and then
you can clone that new img to a different DS [2] (in the same zone).

Moving images to a different zone is not supported. To do that, you can
take the image file from the DS, the file's path is stored in the SOURCE
attribute shown in 'oneimage show <id>'. This will be straight forward for
file-based datastores, not so much for other type of drivers. Then register
a new image in the new zone as usual.

Hope it helps


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