Below is the XML of the source image database entry. If I change
STATE to 1, CLONING_OPS to 0 and set <CLONES/>, will this fix the
problem? If so, is there any utility that will allow me edit the XML and
then update the database or will I have to update the database manually?


  <NAME>W7-VLab-BASE [No 3DSmax]</NAME>

On 03/02/2015 15:45, Gerry O'Brien wrote:
> Hi,
>     The oned (4.6.2) daemon was restarted during a clone and now the
> source image is stuck in state CLONE and target image is stuck in state
> LOCKED. The actual Linux copy completed so both images are OK.
>     How to I reset them to the READY state? Is there an oneimage command
> or does the database have to be modified. If the database has to be
> modified are there maintenance commands to do this?
>     I could recreate the image form the Linux file but there are
> template references to the existing OpenNebula image. Also the image is
> 100GB (Windows!).
>     Any help would be appreciated.
>         Regards,
>             Gerry

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