Is there any documentation about the ports and network traffic in use with

To go in production we need to have a firewall between our oned admin
server and the hypervisors nodes.
So I need to know if there is any network traffic to be initiated (state
NEW) from the hypervisor nodes to the oned admin server?
So far I found the UDP port 4124 for collectd, with metrics comming from
the hypervisors.

What is not clear is about the tm driver. An ssh connection is open from
oned admin server to the hypervisors, to run the clone/cp/etc actions. I
need to know if the hypervisor will in those actions initiate some SSH
connection back to the oned admin server? (we are using ssh, shared, and
lvm drivers). We want to block this king of traffic (ssh to oned admin
server from the nodes).

To sum up, here is what we know for sure:
oned 4124/udp <= nodes
oned => 22/tcp nodes

We need to know what traffic and who initiate it. I don't see anything
about it in the documentation. If anyone has this information that would be
of great help. Untill then I will try to find it out myself by playing with

Best regards
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