here is my use case:

1) VM has a gateway role. So it needs to be ready/deployed first.
2) Others VMs that depends on the gateway, so they have the Gateway VM has
parent node checked.

If the gateway is not ready, other VMs won't have access to some network
resources and therefor can't finish their setups.

But the gateway, has to forward some port to the other VMs. It needs to
knwo the address ip for the other VMs. So I get the service json file thru
onegate, gut it seems the nodes that are not actually deployed are
absents., the nodes attribute is empty.

Here is my service json from onegate:

How can I deal with this kind of situation? Is there a way to have a
complete definition of my service?

Can oneflow starts all the VM on hold, except my gateway, and thru onegate
I can release each VM I want at the right moment when my gateway is ready?

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