I know if I just take the vnet and the datastore out of the cluster, and have 
no clusters at all,  then everything
will work.. I was hoping to have a cluster structure of (host,vnet) pairings 
that could
all share a common data store.  However from the documentation, it looks like 
your template requests any resource that is part of a cluster (vnet or image 
from datastore)
then the scheduler will constrain you to resources that are part of that same 

Is that correct?

Steve Timm

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If both clusters has access to the same datastores, just move them out
of the first cluster. When a datastore or network is not assigned to
any cluster (cluster default) OpenNebula assumes it can be used with
any host (no matter in which cluster is set).

BTW, although you do not needed for your use case, 4.12 will come with
extended VDC support to create complex provision scenarios. Basically
you can define generic "resource providers" that aggregate any
resource (cluster, host, network, datastores)  more here


On Fri, Feb 13, 2015 at 6:37 PM, Steven Timm <t...@fnal.gov> wrote:
> I have had my one4.8 host up for a while with a single cluster
> that has 150 hosts, one vnet, and a system and image datastore.
> I am now adding hosts from a different vnet.
> want to make second host + vnet cluster but still use
> the same system and image data stores.
> What's the right way to do that.. just remove the datastores
> from the first cluster... they can't be in more than one
> cluster at a time, can they?
> Thanks for any suggestions.
> Steve Timm
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