On 2015-02-16 12:59, Carlos Martín Sánchez wrote:
Good news everyone!

Starting today, the brand new community forum is open!

After an ongoing problem with the current mailing lists hosting, we
decided to replace them with a Discourse forum. The new forum will
help us to have more dynamic conversations, and provide a much better
place for newcomers to find answers in previous threads.

This forum is for anything OpenNebula related -community support,
events, announcements, development-. Go ahead and sign up now! It will
only take a few seconds, and it’s going to be worth it.

https://forum.opennebula.org/ [1]

The current mailing lists will be taken down in 2 weeks, but the
archives will be still accessible. But there’s no need to feel
nostalgic about the emails, the new platform can be also used replying
from your inbox.

Aw, really? I just hate forums. I might be old fashioned but I think forums are really counter productive.

Not that you need to chance it, I just wanted to throw in my $0.02.


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