Hello people:

I've been testing opennebule over few months ago and it's a really
cool solution. I've been testing just in one server but now i'm
testing with two servers. I want to check the possibilites of running
opennebula in something like this:

* Server1:
   - Opennebula Frontend + worker1
   - exports by NFS /var/lib/one

* Server2:
   - Opennebula worker2

In the field of storage there are some different possibilities:
   - Both workers using the server 1 datatastore. Worker1 using
/var/lib/one and worker2 using the exported by NFS
   - Create in both servers a glusterfs and use it as datastore
   - etc etc

Anyone has experience with a similar configuration? any idea or comment?

Thanks :)


PD: Please, forget the other incomplete email, gmail betrayed me ;)
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