i get wrong deploy ID after trying to deploy a new  VM to KVM node.

i get deploy id saved as  " Deploy ID created:"

That is, instead of "one-XXX" i get id "created:"

Looking at logs i see:

Fri Jul 10 10:29:57 2015 [Z0][VMM][D]: Message received: DEPLOY SUCCESS 169 create: file(optdata): /var/lib/one//datastores/0/169/deployment.0 one-169

I looked through VirtualMachineManagerDriver.cc and it looks like message it expects should not contain this "create:" part.

There seems to be extra verbosity in those messages which brakes deploy id parsing.

Not sure when this started to happen, but its probably after i upgraded my KVM node from debian7 to debian8.

Can anyone guide me where to look for this extra verbosity settings? Or its KVM version incompatibility?

My opennebula controller is version 4.10 and node is on 4.12

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