I’m trying to get around building Docker containers in a Jenkins slave-agent 
(because the Docker socket is not available). Along comes `buildah` claiming to 
be a lightweight OCI builder so I’ve built a `buildah` Jenkins slave agent 
based on the `openshift/jenkins-slave-maven-centos7` image 



…the agent appears useless because buildah needs to be run as root!!!

So I walk from one problem into another.

The wonderfully named option in Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Configure System 
-> Kubernetes Pod Template -> "Run in privileged mode" was so appealing I just 
had to click it!

But … sigh ... I still can’t run as root, instead I get the **Privileged 
containers are not allowed provider restricted** error.

This has probably been asked before but...
Is there anything that can be done to run slave-agents as root? (I don't want a 
BuildConfig, I want to run my existing complex pipelines which also build 
docker images in a Jenkins agent)
If not, is someone thinking about supporting this?
Alan Christie

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