Hi Bogdan,

I got it figured out.  It was a series of configuration issues and not 
realizing how some of the new cdr process worked.  

1)  The branching was just bad timing on my part.  It is working fine.  The 
issue I saw just happened to be after I implemented branching.

2) The real issue was in the call to do_accouting, I set the cdr and 
missed_call flags, but not the failed flag.

Where I got confused was that the acc table had the correct record when the 
call completed successfully.  If there was an error and the call didn't 
complete successfully, there was a record in the missed_call table that didn't 
have the final avp values.   I did notice that after putting the failed flag in 
place and having a call fail, the acc record is correct (contains the lastest 
avp values)  but the missed_call record does not contain all of the lastest avp 

I do have one more question on the migration from 1.11 to 2.2.

        In  1.11 we had the following set
             modparam("dispatcher", "flags", 2)
             modparam("dispatcher", "force_dst", 1)

        in 2.2, I use the following in 

Do I have the parameters correct in the ds_select_dst call?


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Hi Pat,

It is a bit confusion and the most of the report is about adding an AVP as hdr 
via append_hf() , but you also mention something about CDR...and I do not see 
the relation between the two.

First of all, is the append_hf() working fine ? is the header (in the 
sequential attempts) containing the correct aggregated value ?

Best regards,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu OpenSIPS Founder and 
On 12.10.2016 22:59, Pat Burke wrote:


I am in process of migrating from 1.11 to 2.2.  We have a situation where we 
have a routing opensips that can make multiple attempts to complete a call.  
The information specific to each attempt is passed to the SBC opensips through 
headers.  In order to not double up on headers, I moved the code that calls 
append_hf to a branch.  As the call progresses, I update various AVP's and 
print them into the log (so I can see that they are being updated correctly).  
Below is an example scenario of what I am doing.

initial call setup logic
set the t_on_failure

setup for first carrier 
   setup headers with carrier information used by the SBC
   $avp(test) := "Step 1;";

on_failure (for example 480 - timeout)
   setup for the next carrier
      setup header for next carrier information used by the SBC
      $avp(test) := $avp(test) + "Step 2;";  # avp(test) now equal "Step 1;Step 

on_failure (for example 408 - timeout)
   no more carriers, end the call

What gets put into the cdr is "Step 1;" not "Step 1;Step 2;"

Also, the sip_code is set to the first failure received from the SBC, not the 

If the call completes successfully, the cdr data is correct.

Pat Burke

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