Hello all,

I was going to centralized logging functions to a route block that would be 
called from various place in script, using $param(n) to access the log message. 
I got stuck on what I guess is variable evaluation. Simplified this is the 

The normal (working) way:
xlog("L_INFO", "$rm received on $var(hostname)");
Output: INVITE received on proxy-stage-01

What I was trying:
$var(msg) = "$rm received on $var(hostname)";
xlog("L_INFO", "$var(msg)");
Output: $rm received on $var(hostname)

In the latter case the variables are not evaluated the way I was expecting.

Is there a better way to achieve the output of the first example by using a 
variable containing the message to xlog?
I am testing this on OpenSIPS 2.1.

Best regards,
Jan Blom
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