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If you are not seeing anything in the logs, it means that OpenSIPS doesn't even receive the message. I would first try to make a ngrep trace and see if the reply message gets on the machine. Next, I would double check the firewall rules of the machine, perhaps disabling the completely.

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Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Solutions

On 03/15/2017 11:16 PM, Jock McKechnie wrote:
We have an existing call flow layout that effectively runs:
"SBC" -> "OpenSIPS LB" -> "FreeSWITCH"

and have recently added a middleman for completely abstract reasons so
it now goes:
"SBC" -> "OpenSIPS A" -> "OpenSIPS LB" -> "FreeSWITCH"

And all of a sudden the LB OpenSIPS is unable to see replies from the
FreeSWITCH. My thinking at this time is that the LB has decided the
200 OKs coming back from FreeSWITCH are not actually destined for it,
so it's ignoring them, as if were a stray packet on a different
dialogue that it's not able to understand mid-stream and dumps.

The LB OpenSIPS is running a reasonably old version of OpenSIPS at
present, pending a mass corporate upgrade - 1.8.5.

I have the 'debug' level set to '9' and I'm not seeing any hints that
OpenSIPS is seeing the discarded/ignored SIP packets in the log at
all. Is this action _not_ logged, or am I barking up the wrong tree
and OpenSIPS isn't even seeing this packet at all?

Apologies for long-winded lead up to a simple question, but I wanted
to be thorough.

As always, many thanks;

  - Jock

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