*------- BYE -----> OPenSIPs  ------BYE------> FS*

ON BYE request OpenSIPs do accounting using below configuration.
async( radius_send_acct("set2"), DEFAULT_RELAY_ROUTE_0);

When there are 100 cps, I am facing the issue in some calls
while free-radius takes approx 1 sec to complete accounting but on that
calls OpenSIPs block the BYE message until free-radius complete accounting.

Aug  8 08:31:16 OS /usr/local/sbin/opensips[3977]: [ 793-30...@xx.xx.xx.xx
] Before Accounting : 1502181075000072
Aug  8 08:31:16 OS /usr/local/sbin/opensips[3977]: [ 793-30...@xx.xx.xx.xx
] After Accounting : 1502181076001483

OpenSIPs received BYE Time: 1502181075000072

OpenSIPs Relay BYE Time: 1502181076001483

Time Difference Between Relay BYE and Received BYE
*1502181076001483 - 1502181075000072=1001411 usec.*

How to prevent Blocking of BYE while Free Radius doing accounting?

Free Radius is running on UDP protocol.

It would be appreciable if any help.

Thank You

Suresh Talasaniya.
Software Developer.
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