Hello Everyone,
I am back to test mid registrar and having issue with

modparam("mid_registrar", "contact_match_param", "regid")
I so comment this parmater is obsolote what correct way to set it, because opensips reject calls with 404 on location lookup. I see that contact header is replaced with CallerID and when freeswitch send reply it can't locate the cantact.
Original contact
root@casbc00 ~> [/etc/opensips]# opensipsctl ul show
Domain:: location table=512 records=2
        AOR:: 4300
                Contact:: sip:4300@;transport=tcp Q=
                        ContactID:: 1205768431484279123
                        Expires:: 1478
                        Callid:: 567846761-2141...@bjc.bgi.ij.cch
                        Cseq:: 2027
                        User-agent:: Grandstream GXP2140
                        State:: CS_NEW
                        Flags:: 0
                        Socket:: tcp:
                        Methods:: 6015

Feb 19 15:45:20 casbc00 /usr/sbin/opensips[2049]: looking up [sip:1205768431484279123@] Feb 19 15:45:20 casbc00 /usr/sbin/opensips[2049]: ERROR:mid_registrar:mid_reg_lookup: no record found for sip:1205768431484279123@, ci: a413e68c-9058-1236-7e9c-5254003e39bb
Github report https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips/issues/1111

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