Hi there,

Hoping for some guidance.

We have multiple carriers we place calls out to the PSTN over, and some have 
CPS limits which we check using rl_check and then choose a different carrier if 
we’re over the limit.

This all works great.

Sometimes calls fail with reasons that would mean we want to retry using a 
different carrier, so we need to handle this in the failure route.

However the documentation states that rl_check can only be used in the request 
route, so I’m not sure how we can check for limits when a call has failed and a 
new carrier is being selected.

We’ve a route that handles carrier selection and does the checking, and I’ve 
tried routing to that inside the failure route and it all appears to work, but 
I’m guessing something is going to break so wanted to know if there was a way 
to do what I’m looking to do?

Many thanks,


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