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The fix_nated_register() doesn't seem to be called for REGISTERs, because I don't see any "Received" line in the "ul dump" command. Make sure you call fix_nated_register() for all the WSS REGISTER messages.

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On 03/12/2018 10:28 PM, Sebastian Sastre wrote:

I’m experiencing a problem regarding web socket registrations. I saw a similar thread but didn’t have a resolution so here we go.

Im using the 2.3 Branch with rtpengine , wss and mid registrar. Using Sip.js library I can register the client without a problem and also able to place calls thru an asterisk box without problems. To be exact, my setup is

Sip.JS ——> Opensips + rtpengine —-> Asterisk 1.3 —-> PSTN

However, when trying to call the subscriber from asterisk (opposite direction), opensips fails to get a valid tcp connection. It complagreatins about not finding a suitable tcp and timing out to a TCP block 477/TM transaction.

DBG:proto_wss:proto_wss_send: no open tcp connection found, opening new one
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: getsockopt: snd is initially 16384
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: trying : 32768
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: setting snd: set=32768,verify=65536
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: trying : 65536
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: setting snd: set=65536,verify=131072
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: trying : 131072
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: setting snd: set=131072,verify=262144
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: trying : 262144
DBG:core:probe_max_sock_buff: setting snd: set=262144,verify=425984
INFO:core:probe_max_sock_buff: using snd buffer of 416 kb
INFO:core:init_sock_keepalive: TCP keepalive enabled on socket 7
ERROR:core:tcp_connect_blocking: timeout 99198 ms elapsed from 100000 s
ERROR:proto_wss:ws_sync_connect: tcp_blocking_connect failed
ERROR:proto_wss:ws_connect: connect failed
ERROR:proto_wss:proto_wss_send: connect failed
ERROR:tm:msg_send: send() to <> for proto wss/6 failed
ERROR:tm:t_forward_nonack: sending request failed

Whats interesting is that if I execute a constant opensipsctl fifo list_tcp_conns, The connection never drops.

*root@gcwRegistrar151:~$ opensipsctl fifo list_tcp_conns*
Connection::  ID=1189087375 Type=wss State=0 Source= <> Destination= <> Lifetime=2106-02-07 02:28:25

I tried seting the tcp_persistent_flag before the register and the NAT flag as well. Here is the AOR

*This is the registration part. *


if (!db_check_to()){
      xlog("L_INFO","$var(prefix) -  Forbidden auth ID  \n");
sl_send_reply("403","Forbidden auth ID");

mid_registrar_save("location", "mf");
     switch ($retcode) {
     case 1:
        xlog("L_INFO","$var(prefix) -  Registration Successfull (Forwarding) \n");
         $ru = "sip: <>";
     case 2:
        xlog("L_INFO","$var(prefix) -  Registration Successfull (absorbing) \n");
        xlog("L_INFO","$var(prefix) -  failed to save registration! ($$ci=$ci)\n");

*And here is the lookup part.*

if (mid_registrar_lookup("location", "m")){
xlog("L_INFO","$var(prefix) -  Call is for local user $rU , forwarding ... \n");

Domain:: location hash_size=512
*  AOR:: ag...@gcwregistrar.domain.com <mailto:ag...@gcwregistrar.domain.com>*                 Contact:: sip:bcd9bu7j@ <mailto:sip%3Abcd9bu7j@>;transport=wss Q=
                         ContactID:: 1722063907515827933
                         Expires:: 352
                         Callid:: 4oqvt7es6ga8pqd8ei7nt0
                         Cseq:: 193
                         User-agent:: SIP.js/0.7.8 BB
                         State:: CS_NEW
                         Flags:: 0
                         Cflags:: NAT_BFLAG
                        Socket:: wss: <>
                         Methods:: 5439
                        SIP_instance:: <urn:uuid:07e6eb5c-2294-42a1-b263-a00642b0c277>

I don’t think its related to the mid registrar since I tried just using the regular registrar and the same thing happens.

Any ideas?


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