Thanks Liviu, I have submitted a bug request

    On Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 4:07:45 PM GMT+5:30, Liviu Chircu 
<> wrote:  
Hi Pasan,
Yes, if you could move it over to GitHub [1], that would be great. Thanks!
 Liviu Chircu
OpenSIPS Developer On 04.04.2018 13:29, Pasan Meemaduma via 
Users wrote:
  Hi Guys, 
  Should I open up a bug request for this ?
     On Tuesday, April 3, 2018, 2:33:34 PM GMT+5:30, Pasan Meemaduma via Users 
<> wrote:  
      Hi Guys, 
  I'm testing ipv6 on opensips 2.3. and I'm using the following script function 
to findout if the requesting ip is already registered with that ip. But the 
function is failing with following error message. 
  script function call is_ip_registered("location","$var(aor)","$si")); 
  error message from logs.
  ERROR:permissions:check_addr_6: invalid ip set <24xx:xxx:0:1:x000:0:0:2> 
  There's an AOR already with that IP 
  0 [ 3/04 18:53:29] root@:/root>> opensipsctl ul show
 Domain:: location table=512 records=1
         AOR:: 0xxxx
                 Contact:: sip: 
0xxxx@[24xx:xxx:0:1:x000::2];line=180c0d2da1b3e81 Q=
                         ContactID:: 3275524303981917232
                         Expires:: 3495
                         Callid:: 490179714
                         Cseq:: 2
                         User-agent:: Linphone/3.6.1 (eXosip2/4.1.0)
                         Received:: sip:[2400:xxx:0:1:x000:0:0:2]:5060
                         State:: CS_SYNC
                         Flags:: 0
                         Cflags:: PING NAT
                         Socket:: udp:[24xx:xx0:1D:F0:0:0:1:88]:5060
                         Methods:: 4294967295
  It appears to be failing at /modules/permissions/address.c line 517 . looks 
like str2ip in line 515 doesn't return a valid ip.
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