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Yes, this change was done on purpose for logs consistency reasons. As when you log via syslog you will get *all* the time the process name, pid and data as suffix, we considered that printing to strerr should follow the same model and have *all* the time the same prefix for the messages.

Now, I guess you grep the logs by some sort of an application (before having them pushed as jsons for later processing) - maybe you can do some extra pre-processing the strip the prefix before parsing it as json.


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On 04/06/2018 10:58 PM, Ben Newlin wrote:


Yet another question. ☺

We use the json module to structure our output to and then print using xlog. Our log consumer processes the json format and can process and index our logs.

It appears that in 2.x the xlog module now always prepends a date string and the process number before every log. This is causing the logs to not be valid json format and they are not parsed properly by our consumer.

I know that OpenSIPS’ internal logs always print in this format with the date and process number in front. Was this an intentional change to make xlog print this way as well? Can it be disabled in any way?

I’m pretty sure I remember someone else asking about this not too long ago but I couldn’t find the thread in the archive.


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