As the simplest example, having 10 or smth like that DIDs/inner phone numbers,
you may use just core functions - 

and core variables  

to determine the username in incoming INVITE (e.g.  00498970043400)
and forward this request to desirable destination '1000'

if(method=="REGISTER" && $rU==00498970043400) {
    forward("");    # ip of 1000
OpenSIPS is extremely flexible, you may set/rewrite almost any SIP parameter 
using it - 
destination IP, destination username in uri and so on.

But of course hardcoding in the script is not the best way. If you have a lot 
of relations
"DID - inner exten" it's better to have a static code with AVP variables and 
get the values from
some database, using some of CACHEDB_ module.

PS: I'm not a experienced user of OpenSIPS, so check my advice twice...

BR, Alexey
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