Hi Xaled,

First of all, you do not need b2b in order to do TCP conn reusage.

How the conns are managed in OpenSIPS : the conns are reused if the destination of the package matches the remote destination of an existing TCP conn. IF not, a new conn will be open.

In your case, the first tcp conns will be open when uac_registrant will fire the REGISTERs - if each registration/contact has a different destination, you will get one conn per contact.

In order to tunnel the INVITEs via the existing conns (open by registrations), you need to be sure to route/send the INVITE to the same destinations as the uac_registrant did for REGISTERs


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
OpenSIPS Summit 2019

On 02/12/2019 03:02 PM, xaled wrote:

We have a use case with some specific requirements on the TCP connection usage 
by the outgoing register trunk. Requirements are imposed by the service 
provider and cannot be modified by us.

a) Trunk must use TCP.
b) There has to be a registration over an established TCP connection.
c) INVITEs can be send only over established TCP connection that was previously 
used for successful registration.

I managed to get around this limitations by using uac_registrant and b2b 
modules. I also set tcp_connection_lifetime=3600 to have the TCP connection 
open for a pretty long time between possible SIP communications. B2B module 
reuses TCP connection established by uac_registrant and it works so far.

Now there is another limitation on this trunk and it is the number of parallel 
calls. We need more parallel calls then a single trunk is allowed to have. We 
can have additional trunks and multiply the capacity. I added additional trunk 
credentials to the uac_registrant DB and multiple registrations are 
successfully established.

Here come the problems:

1) outgoing INVITE does not reuse any of the established TCP connection. 
Instead the new TCP connection is established.
2) Even if INVITE would reuse one of the established TCP connections the 
credentials used by INVITE have to match the ones that were used during the 

Is there anything that can be done to correlate TCP connections and credentials 
between uac_registrant and B2B modules?

In our case It would be enough to have a random pick of registered trunk with 
established TCP connection and relevant credentials for every forwarded INVITE 
to use additional capacity given by additional trunks.


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