Hi Pasan,

Have you checked if there is traffic on looping on your OpenSIPS ? maybe due bad routing, OpenSIPS is keep sending to itself some traffic, causing the loops and the load.


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

OpenSIPS Founder and Developer
OpenSIPS Summit 2019

On 03/07/2019 03:17 PM, Pasan Meemaduma wrote:
Hi Bogdan,

Thanks for the reply. writing inline replies

"Using t_on_reply() is harmless as it simply set a holder in the msg/transaction, 
nothing more. And a locally generated reply does NOT trigger on_reply_route - this route 
is triggered only by *RECEIVED* replies."

My problem was that server received 407 replies from its own source ip :/. I 
couldn't figure out what triggered it. Anyhow issue resolved after I removed 
fix_dialog_route() function which causes  BYE to send to a private ip of a 
NATed device. I have fix_nated_contact() before create_dialog() function but 
dialog data seems to have unmodified contact data which I believe is fixed in 
2.4 as you mentioned.

  "So the bottom problem for you is why the processes stuck ? do they stuck like 
consuming cpu (doing some crazy looping) or blocking in some I/O (no CPU usage) ?"

All traffic processing workers were stuck in a loop and consume 100% CPU. I 
couldn't get much debug info like running opensipsctl trap when issue occured :/

Anyhow now I'm planning to upgrade thee system to 2.4 this year which has 
support till 2021.
my sip cluster is now  stable without fix_dialog_route() function.

On 02/13/2019 09:36 AM, Pasan Meemaduma via Users wrote:

Hi Guys,

How's it possible locally generated replied triggering on_reply_route ? I ran 
in to issue where all opensips process gets stuck in processing same call 
replies and causing other traffic to get drop.

<info> /usr/sbin/opensips[27464]: Call: Reply from a NAT endpoint - S=408 
D=Request Timeout F=sip:xxx@xxx T=sip:yyy
yy@x IP=a.b.c.d ID=asgasgasgas

Request process by opensips before this is an ACK request belong to the call 
where I don't think It'll expect a reply. Could it be an issue If I call 
t_on_reply on an ACK msg ?

I'm trying to figure out where the bug in my opensips routing script.  It 
causes all sip listerner processes to get stuck in a loop causing to generate 
above message. IP a.b.c.d is the sip server IP which confuse me as locally 
generated replies shouldn't trigger on_reply_route as per docs.

Any clue is welcome.

I'm using opensips 2.3.6

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