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> On 12 Oct 2016, at 10:04 PM, c...@posteo.org wrote:
> Yes - I also thought about the mirror, if I remember correctly, it was 
> c0urier.net or OPNsense.nl I did it whilst processing other stuff, 
> unfortunately...

c0urier.net seems to be acting up, I need to investigate.  I did see
the issue where the update froze, but not the original segfaults of
LibreSSL.  Try the wjcomms one if you can, it's fast and up-to-date.

> Step 1 : The first 'Alix 1' was fully set up as bridge-end tagging VLAN (=7, 
> telekom) to a VDSL modem DrayTek Vigor130, worked flawlessly! Then I upgraded 
> via GUI. After that an process error in GUI status window appeared and I 
> rebooted -> http server GUI dead ..
> I rebooted into RS232 null modem console and got a disc error, both kernels 
> were bad.

I think this has to do with the RAM, we recommend a minimum of 512
and as each 16.7.x upgrade from 16.7.x grows bigger when directly
updating from stock 16.7 this could likely be the problem here.

If you have a better device, it's probably a good idea to upgrade
the SD cards from them before deploying them on the minimal system.

We can't keep this minimal, 17.1 will have 11.0 where size and
requirements increase as well, even if the limiting factor is
only the update itself.  Only hardware upgrades can really help,
unless somebody is willing to build a microSense which is in the
realm of possibility by simply dumbing down the build again.

Maintainers, step up?!  :)

> Step 2: After that I upgraded the other 'Alix 2' from GUI, same error. 
> Rebooted into a null modem link and upgraded from console, took a while but 
> worked in the end .. had repeatedly same loop-attempts to fetch, write and 
> delete packages in the upgrade process, duration: >3 hours

Yes, it retries and retries until the planets alight and some
process gets the memory it needs to continue.  You could also
try a swap file on the card, but it will wear it down and it's
slow as well:


(11.12.2. Creating a Swap File)

If this works, we could add it to the Nano arsenal, but it's
really just a bandaid for old EOL hardware.

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