I havent personally tested it yet, so I thought I would simply ask the group here. We offer a blacklist archive structure that is compatible with shalla/urlblacklist archives. We are however, a paid service, and this meansin order to download our members need to pass basic authentication, a username and password, in order to download the blacklists.

So the question I have is this, is there a way to pass authentication arguments in the web gui of pfsense for downloading this blacklist, one would imagine that if your systems are using fetch, or wget on the backend that it may be easy to simply append a few commands to the download url in the browser gui in order to achieve this.

And to those nay sayers, who question why pay for blacklists when there are plenty of free ones?

Because you get what you pay for, and if its quality you desire, then were ready to serve, but its going to cost a little.

This is the download link, if anybody is interested in testing, contact us.




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