Dear Mr Paulatto and Mr Gianozzi,

thank you for your replies. 
In example with Force Theorem there are fully-relativistic nscf calculations 
based on  scalar-relativistic scf calculations. As far as I know, scf potential 
should be also calculated with SOC to get correct potential. Am I wrong?

I tried to use the 'filepot' parameter and it seems to work (e.g. I did not get 
errors), but with this parameter the scf cycle was only of 1 iteration shorter 
than "normal" scf cycle with SOC.

Best wishes,


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From: Paolo Giannozzi 
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On Wed, Feb 7, 2018 at 8:13 PM, Lorenzo Paulatto  wrote:

> 1) when one want to include SOC. It would be great if one could start
> > from potential already calculated without SOC instead of potential of
> > free atoms. Is it possible just by mode 'restart'?
> no

It might be actually possible. Something similar is used in one of the

> but increasing the number of k-points may increase the number of plane
> waves,

which would break reading the potential in G-space.

actually it is the charge density that is read. The G-vector grid for the
charge density
should not depend upon the number of k-points.

If I remember correctly the new file format writes in G-space, the old one
> used real

space, but I'm not 100% sure.


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