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1. Do i need to compile dft-d3 again or is it pre-compiled already when i
> first installed qe-6.2.1 by make all

it is already compiled, no need to do anything

2. if not then which tag should i use to invoke dft-d3 calculation

unfortunately the documentation of DFT-D3 is missing. Use vadiable
vdw_corr, specifying one of the following: 'grimme-d3', 'Grimme-D3',
'DFT-D3', 'dft-d3'

Also for dft-d2 , i have generated the parameters by running
> generate_vdw_kernel_table.x

generate_vdw_kernel_table.x produces a file used by vdW-DF and similar
non-local functionals. No relation with dft-d2.

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