Actually, US pseudo potential for Sb is downloadable at the Pseudopotentials 
page of Quantum-espresso 

The files you find are built using pslibrary: <>

> On 16 May 2018, at 09:54, Hanuma Kumar <> wrote:
> Dear Quantum Espresso users,
> I have calculated band structure of Sb (Antimony) based intermetallics, and I 
> have calculated band structure of the alloys using NORMCONS Pseudopotentials. 
> The density of states and band structure is matches with the reported 
> results, but their magnetic moments are not matching. In order to get good 
> results, I am interested to do with Ultrasoft pseudopotentials. These type of 
> pseudopotentials is not available for Sb (Antimonty, Atomic number 51) and I 
> don't know how to generate pseudopotentials. If possible, can anyone please 
> send me the USPP files for Sb.
> Thanks and regards
> Hanuma.
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