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On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 8:22 AM Eesha Sanjay Andharia <>

> Hi,
>   I am trying run a basic scf calculation using QE. However, I am going to
> perform a GW calculation on my DFT results using BerkeleyGW code, for which
> I need to use only  anorm-conserving PP file.
> I tried the following 2 things:
> 1) I tried to search from the QE PP library, but could not find any
> NOrm-conserving PP files for either of In or Se.
> 2) So, I went to Abinit PP directory where I found Norm-conserving PP
> files for both IN and Se. However, when I try to run my job, it crashes and
> gives the following error:
> file ./In.UPF not readable
> So, is there a way to find Norm-conserving PP files online?
> If not, do I need to do some post-processing or changes in the PP files I
> got from Abinit such that it can be made readable for QE?
> (PFA bot In and Se PP files with this email)
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