Dear all,

What is the best way to extract the eigenvectors from the output of pw.x?

I searched the forum for a solution, but most of them rely on the qexml.f90, 
which is nowhere to be found on my QE installation (I'm using qe-7.1). I also 
saw a code posted by Prof. Paolo Giannozzi, which is not supposed to be used 
for anything greater than simple crystals (linked 

I am simulating 10x10x10 (or larger) supercells of GaN to investigate doping in 
them. What would be the most robust way of extracting the Hamiltonian and 
eigenvectors of the Kohn-Sham equation in a human-readable format for such a 
large input cell size?

I apologize if the question is too basic, I am not familiar with Fortran yet, 
so understanding the codes has become a challenge in itself. Any help would be 
greatly appreciated.

Pratyush Manocha
Graduate Student | M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering
School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology
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