I wanted to let you all know about the mail.rdoproject.org service. It's been there a while, but we've just put the hostname in place and prettied it up for you.

mail.rdoproject.org is running on the Apache PonyMail software (http://ponymail.apache.org/) and provides a web-based interface to our mailing lists. This lets you, among other things:

* Revive an old thread from before you were subscribed
* See basic statistics about participation in mailing list threads
* Advanced searching features
* oAuth authentication - if there's an auth source you want to use that's not there, let us know, and we'll add it * Compose email in the web interface or in your own mail client, as you prefer
* Keyboard shortcuts! (Press H for a list)

PonyMail is, of course, open source (Apache license), if you want to help make it better.

Rich Bowen - rbo...@redhat.com
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