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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 22. September 2016 08:27
An: Gerhard Kreuzer
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Le 22/09/2016 08:08, Gerhard Kreuzer a écrit : 
> Hi, 
> I now have some functions and want to use it from different scripts. Copying 
> this functions into each script isn't that nice. Any way to have some 
> 'function library' which I can put all this common things? 
You may 
* put all of them (.sci files) in a directory, 
* cd to this directory 
* do 
    genlib mytoolslib   // where mytoolslib is the name you want to give 
to the library 
    edit SCIHOME/scilab.ini 
    // in your startup file scilab.ini, add the line, to load the 
library at startup of each new scilab session 
    mytoolslib = lib(path_to_the_lib_directory); 

Then for each new Scilab session, the functions of your library with be 
available from anywhere in the session. 

Samuel Gougeon 

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