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>> You may
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>> Then for each new Scilab session, the functions of your library with be
>> available from anywhere in the session.

There is also the quick and dirty way :
put it in a *.sci file as mentioned,
and read this file with an exec() or getd()
in the Scilab code.
But the effort for learning how to declare it in an *.ini file
can spare you some effort latter.

You might also look at the "library" section of the help:

I don't know now, but before, you had to create a directory containing:
* a file named "name" (without any extension),
which is an ascii file containing the names of the functions;
* for each function, create a *.bin file with the name of the function
with : save("function_name.bin", function_name);
* call the library with the lib() command.

The advantage compared with the simple *.sci method
Is that you can have several functions with the same name,
e.g. if you defined an f() function in the library lib1 and in the library lib2,
you can call them with lib1.f() and lib2.f().
Not sure that it is worth investing in this knowledge.


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Mechanical calculation engineer
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