Sorry, I am lost.

I have 10,000 xyz data and want to know, if there is some regularity in them
or if they are more or less random. The concept of a mask does not come up
at all...
Best greetings

What do you suggest should be used here?

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Hello Heinz,

Le 07/02/2018 à 23:13, Heinz a écrit :
> Friends:
> I need to compute the spatial correlation coefficient of my x,y,z data in
> Question 1: Is the MATLAB corrcoef function doing the job?
> Question 2: How do I get corrcoef running in SciLab or C?

Do you mean the autocorrelation of a data(x,y,z) sampled distribution?
Or the intercorrelation of data(x,y,z) with a mask(x,y,z) function sampled
on the same grid?
Or anything else?


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