1       The nearest neighbour distribution of N points in a 3d-Volume with
radius R is given by
W(r) = 1 - exp[ - N (r/r)^3] and this is a Weibull distribution and not a
Poisson distribution. The WIKI article, while correct, is a typical case
where high level statisticians are trying to make simple things look very

2       Comparing the experimental distribution with the above prediction is
made complicated as the manufactured object has small hard spheres that push
each other apart in the manufacturing process and the Weibull is modified

3       I am sill searching for a 3d spatial characterization coefficient
that differentiates between purely random arrangements and gradual regular


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Q: "I have 10,000 xyz data and want to know, if there is some regularity in
them or if they are more or less random"
A:  look for tests of spatial randomness
(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Complete_spatial_randomness ) . If The
experimental nearest neighbor distribution obtained previously can be
compared to the expected Poisson distribution.

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