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Dear ESI devs,

In Scilab < 6, typeof(1:$) was "|size implicit"|

In Scilab 6.0, typeof(1:$) has become "implicitlist"

Why not.
The issue is that the overloading code is still "ip" standing for "implicit polynomial", not"il".
And in practical, this object is actually made of polynomial(s)

So, in one hand, for the same object, we refer to lists. On the other one, we refer to polynomials. I don't know what was the motivation in renaming "|size implicit"| into "implicitlist". If it was to remove an inconsistency somewhere, it apparently adds another one elsewhere.

So: why nottypeof(1:$,"overlaod")=="il" ?

Actually, i think that "implicitlist" is right.
"Size implicit" emphasized one usage (among other possible ones) : indexation. "implicit polynomial" points to the components of the object, more than the object itself.

So this renaming is rather welcome and relevant. But now it would be even better to get a consistent overloading code.


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