I want to integrate a user function f(x,y1,y2) from a to b with respect to x.

1, I don't see the difference between "integrate" and "intg". I saw help
file and find "integrate" can manage multi upper limits.  Except it, I can't
find any differences between two functions. Is there a difference in the
accuracy or calculation method?
 "intg" has a fixed number of partitions. Does "integrate" increase the
number of partitions automatically until the accuracy is not improved? I do
not understand the difference with the help file.
2, I could use "intg" with "intg (a, b, list (f, y1, y2))", but I could't
use "integrate" with "integrate (list ("f", y1, y2), "x", a, b)" or
"integrate (list (f, y1, y2), "x", a, b)". What is wrong with the syntax?

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