Good morning,

I'm attempting to make a Xcos version of a Simulink model of a loudspeaker
that I found on  Daniel San Ausín's Thesis (page 8)
. Please see the attached file for the signal flow chart.


It's "quite simple", just additions and multiplications.
The parameters Le, Re, Bl, Mms, Rms, Cms are the  Thiele & Small
<>   parameters of a
loudspeaker (it's just floating values).
The input voltage can be a sinus, a noise or whatever.

I'm getting a message error "Algebraic loop".
Do you know how to solve that ? I think it can be a problem in the
simulation setup as I'm new to Scilab/Xcos.

Here is the Xcos diagram:  linear_LS.zcos

I'm also trying to display the Bode plot at different stages of the diagram
that's why I'm using the CPGE toolbox.

If you have an idea to solve the problem, feel free to contact me.
You can answer in French.

 I'll also try a different approach with the state-space bloc.

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