Dear all,
after a Long break I tried to go on with this Topic.

So my Intention was to create a superblock with 3 Inputs and one Input. But
each time I try to run the script nothing appears. By the second run of the
script the console hangs and I have to kill the Task WScilex.

So no superblock appears for Scicos. Here is the code:

scs_m = scicos_diagram(); 
scs_m.props.title = "Test_Superblock"; 

//super block 
scs_m.objs(1) = SUPER_f("define"); 
scs_m.objs(1) = [200 200]; 

//create one additional input 
scs_m.objs(1).model.rpar.objs(4)= IN_f("define") 

//define input-structure 
//scs_m.objs(1) = [2;-1;-1] 
//scs_m.objs(1).model.in2 = [1;-2;-2] 
//scs_m.objs(1).model.intyp = [2;-1;-1]

scs_m.objs(1) = [1;1;1] 
scs_m.objs(1).model.in2 = [2;2;2] 
scs_m.objs(1).model.intyp = [1;1;1]

scs_m.objs(1).model.out =1
scs_m.objs(1).model.out2 =1
scs_m.objs(1).model.outtyp =1



What is wrong with my script?

Best Regards


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