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On 06-04-2022 19:35, Stéphane Mottelet wrote:
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The next version of scilab will include a new module "Sundials". This module provides new full featured  ODE solvers: arkode(), cvode() and DAE solver ida(), all handling complex numbers and dense/sparse/banded Jacobians. Each solver has specific features, e.g. ida() handles DAE, arkode() handles mixed implicit/explicit Runge-Kutta methods and cvode() can do forward sensitivity computation.

The module also includes a general-purpose nonlinear system solver: kinsol(), who takes advantage of the module architecture (parsing, computation engine and SUNDIALS abstraction of various linear solvers).

Current help pages can be found @ https://www.utc.fr/~mottelet/scilab/sundials/ and a macOS build including the new module is available at


I hope that a Windows build will be available in a near future, but in the meantime, comments from macOS users are welcome !

Enjoy !

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