Hello Denis,

I don’t think Scilab provide a function to retrieve the parent figure of an 
entity ; could you open a bug with this wish ?

Note: internally, there is already a non-iterative O(1) way to retrieve it.


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I have several graphic windows and in some of them, there are several “Axes” 
(and several curves for each “Axes”).
I can’t find in “Scilab Help” if the “current axes” is always in the hierarchy 
of the “current entity”, and similarly if the “current figure” is always in the 
hierarchy of the “current axes”.
If this was true, I suggest to mention it in the “Graphics Entities” section.
If not, is there a simple way to obtain the handle of the figure where the 
“current entity” is ?
I tried the following, which seems to work :
while get(G_f,”type”)~=”Figure”,
          G_f= G_f.parent;

Did I reinvent the wheel ?-)

Thank you in advance
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