Hello Tobias,

will do that. Let me have another question about the Android client: I cannot see in the client log, that the DNS server (provided by rightdns, or in strongswan.conf) assigned to client, like on other linux boxes with the same peer config.

Does it assigned and missing from the log, or this is not implemented yet?

Vukovics Mihály
Informatik.hu Kft.

On 2016.09.20. 14:09, Tobias Brunner wrote:
Hi Mihaly,

But anyway I setp up left/rightid on the server side, I always get "no
matching peer config found".

How is Android "Server identity" matched on server side?
Exactly as you'd suspect I guess, it's matched against the local
identity on the server (presumably leftid).  Check the log for details
("looking for peer configs matching...", optionally increase the log
level for the cfg subsystem for more details).


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