I would turn on debugging and see what is happening.
Add "*--debug*/level/" to your command. The highest debug level is 4.


On 2/14/2018 1:46 AM, Boris Levin wrote:

Im new to scepclient feature, im trying to get certificate and currently with no success.

im using the exmples provided in scepclient man:

ipsec scepclient --out caCert --url ********* -f - finishes successfully and generates 3 cert files under cacerts dir.

ipsec scepclient --out pkcs1=localKey.der --out cert==localCert.der --dn 'C=CH, CN=John Doe' -k 2048 -p password--url ************** --in cacert-enc=caCert-ra-2.der --in cacert-sig=caCert-ra-1.der -f

this command hangs on:

*building pkcs7 request*
what am i missing?
note: im building my kernel from sources suing buildroot.



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