On Thu, Sep 22, 2016 at 9:58 AM, Osma Suominen <osma.suomi...@helsinki.fi>
> I'm evaluating Apache Marmotta for use as an LDP store for storing and
> publishing bibliographic Linked Data at the National Library of Finland.
> Our usage scenario is somewhat similar to that of DPLA. We would like to
> store at least a million - possibly several million - small (50-100
> triples) RDF documents, representing bibliographic metadata derived from
> MARC records, in a triple store. Marmotta seems attractive because it seems
> relatively simple (cf. Virtuoso which tries to do way too many things in
> the same package!), supports LDP and SPARQL 1.1, and uses a solid database
> (PostgreSQL) underneath.

Good to hear that :-)

> I've done some initial tests using Marmotta 3.3.0 but I wanted to try also
> the most recent development version since a 3.4.0 release seems to be
> imminent. However, I have some problems building the development version.
> Building the LDP module results in a test failure. Here is the output:

Try to fetch the current HEAD of develop, we've fixed some minor issues

BTW, you do not need to depend at the source level, but you can easily
build your custom Marmotta launcher depending at the Maven level. This is
an example we built for a tutorial: https://github.com/


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