he Maven team is pleased to announce the release of the Maven
Surefire Plugin, version 2.7

This release includes the maven-surefire-plugin, which executes the
unit tests of an application, the maven-surefire-report-plugin, which
parses surefire/failsafe test results and renders them to DOXIA
creating the web interface version of the test results, as well as the
maven-failsafe-plugin, which executes the integration tests of an

Highlights of this release:
* Pluggable providers are now supported, as well as manual provider
*  2.7 is significantly smaller and lighter than earlier 2.x versions
  (Only 30% of the download size)
* A large chunk of the highest voted issues have been fixed.
* Some performance optimizations for forkMode=always
* Significant reduction in memory use and increase in performance
   for users who log console output to file.
* Significant cleanup/simplification of the code-base

**** Note to JUnit4 users upgrading:
Due to SUREFIRE-482 upgrading to surefire 2.7 may cause some
(incorrectly defined) tests to not be run any more. This should be
verified by running
mvn -Dsurefire.junit4.upgradecheck=true install at least once (this
can be run multiple times until you have fixed all issues)

You should specify the version in your project's plugin configuration:


Release Notes - Maven Surefire - Version 2.7

** Bug
    * [SUREFIRE-482] - Surefire tries to run JUnit4 tests that contain
no @Test annotations
    * [SUREFIRE-495] - OutOfMemory Exception
    * [SUREFIRE-501] - -Xmx JVM option is not used by the surefire process
    * [SUREFIRE-506] - Maven runs suite() methods of all junit 3.x
tests for each unit test even when forkMode is set to always
    * [SUREFIRE-509] - NoClassDefFoundError:
org/apache/maven/surefire/booter/SurefireBooter with Java 1.3
    * [SUREFIRE-538] - Surefire-booter and surefire-integration-tests
require 1.4 but fail to specify it in their POMs
    * [SUREFIRE-599] - Logs console output multiple times (no. of
times log output = the no. of test being run) for JUnit/XMLUnit tests
    * [SUREFIRE-638] - Plugin cannot handle "java" in a path name
    * [SUREFIRE-639] - Error inside systemOut parser:
java.lang.IllegalStateException: testSetStarting called twice
    * [SUREFIRE-640] -
Error inside systemErr parser
    * [SUREFIRE-642] - TestNG support doesn't w/o Junit on classpath
    * [SUREFIRE-653] - java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:
org/apache/maven/surefire/booter/SurefireBooter when use toolchains
with jdk 1.3
    * [SUREFIRE-657] - Surefire silently fails when argLine contains
tabs or newlines
    * [SUREFIRE-660] - Using testng with testng 5.14.2 add a
dependency com.google.inject:guice which cannot be overriden
    * [SUREFIRE-665] - Output to file stops after a while

** Improvement
    * [SUREFIRE-321] - Run tests in alphabetical order
    * [SUREFIRE-408] - add capability to turn on only a specific provider
    * [SUREFIRE-573] - When temp directory is missing or not
writeable, error messages should state that plainly somewhere
    * [SUREFIRE-614] - Run tests in random order
    * [SUREFIRE-652] - Store surefire tmp files under target/ instead
of java.io.tmpdir
    * [SUREFIRE-658] - Excessive synchronization in ReporterManager
blocks performance
    * [SUREFIRE-662] - Forkmode=always rescans classpath in every forked vm
    * [SUREFIRE-664] - Parallel surefire reporter does not report real
execution times

** New Feature
    * [SUREFIRE-141] - Surefire should provide a pluggable means to
specify a custom provider
    * [SUREFIRE-661] - Add ConfigurableParallelComputer to junit core provider
    * [SUREFIRE-663] - Allow custom Junit4 RunListeners to be specified

** Task
    * [SUREFIRE-292] - Documentation for surefire API and providers


-The Maven team

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