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> Until then proper Maven Plug-in testing is not possible using JUnit - 
> especially not if it is in the IDE (Eclipse+M2E) and not during the Maven 
> build.

I came to the same conclusion (at least with the plain testing
harness). I switched to takari-plugin-testing, which seems to have been
written at least in part as a reaction to the fact that nothing else
worked properly.

I have a very small project that can serve as an example of how to use


Take a look at the com.io7m.minisite.tests module. Primarily the
MinSiteMojoTest class, and the takari plugin execution in the tests
module pom. I can attest that it does work from inside the IDE, but you
may need to run an initial build to run the plugin's testProperties
goal (Eclipse & M2E may be able to do this for you these days, I'm not

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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