Dear Maven Community,

Today I have seen on the Maven web site
( that
the ejb plugin is able to package EJB3 compliant JARs. So I wanted to
try that out and have set up a sample project.

Unfortunately it seems it is not working as expected actually. On the
web site it is told that once ejbVersion is set to 3.0 then the
ejb-jar.xml would be optional. In fact, when setting the ejbVersion to
3.0, the plugin still complains about the missing ejb-jar.xml and fails
to build:

Embedded error:
isn't a file.

The pom.xml is attached below, it is written according to the
documentation found on the web site.

So is this a bug in the plugin or a bug on the web site?


<project xmlns="";
    <name>Sample :: EJB</name>

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