Hi Benjamin,

As per MNG-3645, the model is parsed in strict mode and <timezone> is not a
valid child element of <roles>, it's a child of <developer>.
many thanks for the hint...fixed...

But now i'm running into a different problem, cause my profiles.xml files does not work...The message says "Expected root element 'profilesXml' but found 'project' ...

I've found MNG-2605, MNG-3641, MNG-3933 about profiles, but no hint about that change...

So i have taken a look into MNG-3933 where a <profilesXml ... is used and used that in my build and that has worked...

But on the other hand the web-site does not say a word about that ...
http://maven.apache.org/pom.html#Profiles to be more accurate they are simply wrong, cause they are using:
<project xmlns ...

I think the docs should be updated...If i can help ?

A little difference has been comming up:

MVN 2.1.0 prints out a warning about an non activated profile
          and about not configured copying encoding
          (build is platform dependent)

But based on the above changes the build is working under MVN 2.1 and MVN 2.0.9...

Kind regards
Karl Heinz Marbaise
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